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2000 Paul Perkins

A bit of ingenuity.

Chris takes bulimia seriously.    I sought help early on with this project.  I tried to solicit advice from people whom I thought could outsmart a mouse.  Most gave odd stares.  I'm guessing they were intimidated.  One person did stand up to meet the challenge, Chris Coyne.  Chris works at a bulimia support shelter.  He recommended that I hurl traps at the mouse with a Lego MindStorm kit.  In my opinion, paying over a $100 to kill a mouse "wasn't a prudent venture" (George Bush Sr. talk).  Hurling traps at the mouse was a unique idea though.  It was something I had to try.
    While I'm talking about unique things.  Someone in a computer technician forum that I visit mentioned that they drink beer & Sprite (60% beer, 40% Sprite).  I tried the concoction and would have thrown it out, but my wife rescued it.  She said it tasted like ginger ale and liked it enough to make herself another.  This has nothing to do with mice.  I'm babbling.  No... wait... I'm a scientist.  Scientists don't babble, drunks babble.  I was vercabulating on an adjacent topic.  No... that's Don King talk.  Damn my worthless English degree!

   With a little bit of planning I devised a simple contraption (a scientific word for a cheap device that you don't think will work) that would drop a wall of eight traps onto an unsuspecting mouse.  The wall consisted of four pairs of traps that were hinged together with duct tape.  The wall of mousy death leaned over a small chamber I constructed out of bits of 2x4, some cinderblock, and a barrel of deck stain.  A small stick propped up the wall of traps.  All I had to do was test it.

Hinged traps, for better mobility when snapping.Bwa ha ha ha ha!
Pwepare to die, mowsey!

Raining snapping death from above!

    The test was actually a failure.  The top traps hit the opposite wall, sprung early, and flew back harmlessly.  Also, there was little chance that the mouse would jump up and yank the support stick.