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I hate mice I hate mice

    My wife bought a bird feeder this summer.  We've enjoyed watching the colorful cardinals and other various woodland birds perch outside our window and eat.  I love nature, and all it's beauty.
    One day I noticed bird seed scattered around the seed bag in my shed.  I moved the bag of seed to the third rung of an aluminum ladder, and placed a traditional mouse trap where the bag used to be.  I used peanut butter and bird seed as bait.  The next day I had a horrendous looking dead mouse.  More on dead mouse #1 here.
    I put duct tape over the holes and kept the seed bag on the third rung of the ladder, just in case there were more mice.  A few days later, something else had eaten a hole in the bag.  Evidently mice are able to climb aluminum ladders.  I didn't know this.  I laid out another trap with peanut butter and bird seed and expected to find a dead mouse the next day.

    Killing the second mouse wasn't quite as easy.  It wasn't interested in the peanut butter & bird seed.  It wasn't interested in cheese.  It wasn't even interested in licorice.  Weeks passed by without any luck.  The mouse would eat food sprinkled around the trap, but nothing on the trap.  This was one smart mouse.  Out of frustration I left the trap empty and forgot about it.
    Well, about a week later I walked into the shed and found the furry little bastard dead on the trap.  I guess it let it's guard down and decided to take a stroll over the empty trap.  Fatal mistake.  At least the mess wasn't bloody this time.
    I threw the mouse corpse over the fence in the back yard to feed any hungy uberdeer.

The Research...

Note:  The spinning mouse graphic at the top of this page is a photo I took of my wife's grossly obese pet mouse.  Having raised mice in the past, I thought it'd make a good pet for her apartment.  She left the mouse in California when we moved east.  It lived at my brother's house for awhile, but died (probably of a heart attack) a few weeks later.  I like non-disease infested, pet mice.