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2000 Paul Perkins

Chicks dig baby pictures
Me with my first mouse, 1973

     I decided to do more research on my furry little foe.  Having a BS in English (making me proficient to B.S. in English), I was supposed to read Of Mice And Men twice during my academic career.  I think I only read it once, and what I remember mostly was that it inspired dozens of Saturday morning cartoons.  "Duh... which way did he go, George?  Which way did he go?"
     I decided to check SparkNotes to refresh myself on the story.  On Sep 21, someone calling himself "actor4ever" posted, "At the outset of the novel, Lenny begins by killing a mouse which is a relatively small creature. He then progresses to killing a puppy, and then a woman... Thus, the title shows the progression in size of the creatures that die in the book."  My wife is looking over my shoulder as I write this.  She's picking up the puppies and carrying them out the door.  I guess she's going shopping.
     Of Mice And Men had very little to do with mice.  The title is pretty deceptive, sort of like To Kill A Mockingbird.  I found the SparkNotes to be very little help in my quest to kill a mouse.  I don't really want a big retard to crush it in his hands (why would I want to deal with one of my wife's ex-boyfriends?). I guess I'll have to use my own pathetic ideas.

Ok, Varmint.  Prepare to be murderized!