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2000 Paul Perkins

The modern age... electricity!

    From what I recall from television, it is a historical fact that Benjamin Franklin befriended a mouse millions and millions of years ago.  The mouse invented bifocals, the potbelly stove, and electricity.
    One day Ben got tired of sleeping around with hundreds of women and decided to fly a kite in a storm.  The mouse decided to ride the kite.  While in the air, the mouse invented electricity.  Then the mouse got pissed and ran away until it decided to write the Declaration of Independence.

    My other experiments were child's play.  All along I meant to finish the furry little bastard with a blast of electricity.  I put a couple nails into a 2x4, cut an old extension cord, and wrapped the positive and negative wires around the nails.  If anything completes the circuit 120 volts of electricity fries it's furry ass.

Plug'er in 120 volts
Ain't science grand?

I feel the urge to surpress the surge.

    Oh yeah.  I figured there was a chance that frying the mouse would create an electrical arc that would burn my shed down.  I didn't want that to happen.  I added a surge protector to minimize the risk.