Man Vs Mouse

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2000 Paul Perkins

Mouse Killing Links

I found these links well after my experiments with the furry little devil were over. For those of you interested in the art of mousery, these sites should be considered required reading.

I included a rat links and several squirrel links as well. If you know of more, please email me at

Harvey the Mouse Has to Go (Similar to my mouse project)

An article claiming that mice are getting smarter. I knew it!

An idiot tries to kill a mouse with carbon monoxide.

Breast Implants Kill Mice (Death by boobies!)\

Scientists Kill Mice With Dance Music (Death by boogie!)

"Operation Kill the Dancing Mouse" (A true story)

The Suicide Mouse (A true story)

Non-Mouse Sites:

RATKILL.COM: Your Rat-Killing Headquarters

One Man's Battle Against Squirrels

All Squirrels Must Die

How to Kill Squirrels

Kill the Squirrels

Long Live Squirrels (An opposing viewpoint. Pacifist Alert!)

Animal Defense Militia (So pro-animal they're anti-human)

If you really really love animals...

An article about Smurf infestations in Colorado