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2000 Paul Perkins

Coors, Miller Lite, & Budweiser
More water & grain mixture!

Pouring at this height gives the beer more head.    I returned to beer!  Don't buy that butter propaganda, beer makes it better!

    I decided to build a non-lethal mouse trap.  I set up four empty toilet paper rolls on the edge of an old desk and leaned them over the edge.  I put food in the end of the tubes.  The mouse will see the food and enter the toilet paper roll to get it.  Once he gets out far enough the toilet paper roll will fall, hurling the mouse into a trash can below.

    I know mice can jump pretty far.  I didn't want the trapped victim to be able to jump out of the trash can, so I poured three cans of beer.

    Again, I wanted this to be a non-lethal trap.  I didn't want to drown it.  I had an English teacher once tell the class that "Americans love irony."  Then he proceeded to give a wrong definition of irony.  Isn't that ironic?  Don't ya think?  A little too ironic. Yeah, I really do think.

    Anyway, I decided to save the mouse's life with mouse traps.  I nailed two traps to a scrap of 2x4 and placed it in the trash can so the mouse wouldn't drown.  I also included a cracker.

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