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2000 Paul Perkins

See the flying beer can?

    This is the best view of the contents of my shed you'll ever see.  I don't apologize for the messiness.
    I thought about making a snare to catch the filthy vermin.  I used to make snares in my back yard to catch my GI Joe action figures.  Imagine the joy I'd feel walking in the next day to find the mouse dangling from a string.  The idea was too great to pass up.  I had to make a snare!
    I'll try to describe how it works.  I'll start with the counter-weight.  Beer!
  The half-full beer was hung with monofilament fishing line.  The line went to a rafter, where it looped around a nail.

    Finally, the line went down and attached to a piece of pretzel.  The loose end of the string was tied into a slip knot, which encircles the pretzel.  Normally the pretzel would have flown into the air, but I pushed it into a crack on the floor.

    In theory the mouse will walk to the food, thereby stepping at least partially into the noose.  Then it will either eat the pretzel or tug on it, freeing the tied end of the pretzel, and shooting it (with the noose) into the air.  The noose tightens around the mouse and yanks the mouse into the air, as the can crashes to the floor.  Maybe the can crashes into the mouse on the way down, although I did set the bait away to avoid this scenario.

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