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2000 Paul Perkins

More traps!

    I never expected to be outwitted this long by a mouse.  Now I know how Wile E. Coyote feels.  I decided to go back to the tried and true mouse traps.  No more live traps.  The mouse will die.

A minefield of traps.

    I went to the local supermarket and bought packages and packages of traps.  I didn't use a shopping cart, so I had all the traps piled in my arms.  When I got to the cash register I got a lot of odd stares.  The girl working the register looked at me really funny, but she didn't say anything.  My guess is that she assumed that if I needed thirty mouse traps, I wasn't someone she wanted to talk to.

The bait

    I feared these traps.  Traps make me nervous.  I got snapped during Trap #6, and was determined to spare my fingers this time.  In fact, I was so worried that I set my beer down and didn't pick it back up until I had all the traps set.  A trap did spring when I set it down.  It set off five other traps, which scared the piss out of me.  I ended up setting the traps, then sliding them into place with a stick.  I even used a long stick with a spoon taped to it to add the bait.  I wasn't getting near those traps!

Mmm mmm good!

    In the name of fairness, I decided not to bait the spring mechanisms on the traps.  However, one bad step and SNAP!  The mouse would have to tiptoe through the minefield to get to the food.

Did the mouse run the gauntlet???