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     I'm a tech-geek who moved from Los Angeles to central Kentucky a few years ago.  I work as a computer technician by day, and spend time doing stupid stuff in my off time.  I decided to document some of my activities... which magically makes them interesting.  Sure I could kill a bug, but if I kill it in a unique way, and document it, it becomes a wondrous scientific experiment.  Penicillin was discovered by accident.  Who knows... maybe my experiments will lead to the figurative "better mouse trap."

     MASKI - I attempt to make a scorpion kill itself, using alcohol.

    MASKI 2.0 - Scorpions just won't learn.

    The Mouse Project - I move on to bigger, fuzzier things.

  The Big Bang Theory - Rather than take life, I try to create life.

    MASKI III - I'm back to taking life.  Paul 3, Scorpions 0.

My girlfriend laughed for weeks.
Me at Redondo Beach, July 1999
(This'll take awhile to load... the slide show will loop)

Visit my Jimmy Kimmel site... or not.  It doesn't need your stupid traffic.

My favorite other sorta-scientific sites:
Random Destructive Acts - Using a giant magnifying glass to destroy things... like concrete!
Project E.U.N.U.C.H. - These guys used alcohol and over clocked  a 486 to over 200MHz.
Science Inside a Microwave Oven - Putting strange things in the microwave is science!
Voodoo 3 @ 12k volts - What happens when you run 12,000 volts through a video card? Science!
The TWINKIES Project - Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations
Destructo Testing Labratories - Lots of destructive tests, including one involving a Furby and 20,000 volts.
StinkyMeat - Mahlon's science experiment with rotting meat.  A must see!
StinkyFeet - Christian attempts to give himself athlete's foot in order to cure it.
StinkyMeat #2 - There had to be a follow-up to StinkyMeat.  Sort of anti-climactic.
Hard Disk Warfare - What happens when you run over a hard drive with a tank?
The Deacon Effect - Does acting like a jerk attract women?
SPAM - One man tries to determine is Spam is made out of organic material
NASA Microgravity - What happens when you pop a water balloon in space?

I'm always looking for more fun scientific sites.  If you know of any please tell me.
I'm the CardsChat poker forum a lot.