Click to see the full sized picture... if you dare!


It leaked for a nearly a week after I drilled the hole in it with the power tool.


Ok, this last picture probably requires some explanation.  In my dizzying confusion of pain I concluded that my friend loaned me the house jack with the express purpose of having it smash my toe.  So I started sending him threatening emails from the Toe-liban terrorist group, from the Toe-talitarian Resistance, and from Mr. Toe.  In my fervent emails I warned him about creating a new house jack repellant called "Jack-Off."  I also threatened to sue because I could never pursue a lucrative career as a toe model.  The last picture was of Mr. Toe.

Update: This is my toe two weeks after being crushed.

     Half of the toenail isn't attached.  There's an air bubble where it should be touching the toe.  The toenail has detached from more than half the cuticle, so I expect the lose the whole nail in a few days.  I think the blistering is from where it over-stretched the skin when it swelled.  At least it doesn't hurt.

Another Update:

Weeks have passed since the last picture.  My toenail has stubbornly refused to fall off.  You can see it's still attached at the far left.  Nail at the cuticle area has crumbled off.  There is no more pain, but the floppy toenail catches on my socks sometimes.  I'll be glad when the sucker falls off.