I've been asked why do I live in a place where scorpions show up.  Scorpion stings around here are about as harmful as bee stings.  Putting up with one or two bees in the house each year isn't a big deal.  It's a prince I'm willing to pay to have peace and quiet.  The only noises I hear at night are crickets (aka scorpion food).

Note:  Soon after this experiment I was bored again.  Then my wife peed on a stick and tested positive for a case of the babies..  After a run to the store, and another pee-test, she had another positive.  So it looks like I'm going to be a father in nine months... I'll never be bored again.... except maybe in the final trimester when I can't get any nookie.

Helpful Scorpion Links:

 How to keep scorpions out of your house.

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Scorpion facts (according to one site anyway... #1 sounds fishy to me, unless "Scorpion" the nickname for corrupt government officials or maybe the mob.)
#1.  Scorpions kill over a thousand people a year in Mexico.
#2.  There are over 1500 species of scorpion but only 25 can kill people.
#3.  Some scorpions can live a year without food or water.