Ouchie!  That had to hurt.

Step G:  Mmmmm.... Beer!
As you can see, the scorpion stung itself in the head, just like the last one.  Rather than searching for a soft spot like the last one, this one kept jabbing at it's head.  I couldn't verify that there was penetration, kind of like the first time I... well that's another topic.  The scorpion stung at her head, but I didn't actually see the stinger sink in.  I'd guess it went in.

Proof that beer leads to self-destructive behavior?

    After several brutal strikes the scorpion quit moving.  I would have assumed it was dead and squished it, but since it had faked dead (or passed out) a couple times already I decided to drain the beer and let it dry out for a day.

Is it dead YET?
Step H