I secretly fear that this experiment with alcohol will end up being a 12 step program, so I'm going to do it alphabetically this time.

Step A:  Examining the Specimen
This scorpion was one angry son of a bitch.  Back in the original MASKI project the specimen was pretty sedate.  It had understandable reactions to the stimuli (it got pissed when I poured booze on it) but for the most part it simply waited in the bottom of the glass.  This scorpion was different.  This one was ready to strike.  He was not a happy camper.
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   I had a little more difficulty measuring the scorpion this time.  It's tail was up, so it's body didn't seem as long as the last one.  It's arms were out, so looked a whole lot wider.  I'm guessing that that this guy was a little bigger, and I'm assuming that it was male.  In science we call these guesses "estimates."  I estimate the size of the creature to be 1 1/2 inches.  When I brag about this experiment to friends, with a few beers in my tummy, I'll say that it's at least three inches.  Um... the scorpion that is.

Booze!  Booze!  Booze!
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