(Make A Scorpion Kill Itself)

One pissed-off little arachnid

Many experts say that torturing animals is often associated with serial killers... but they never say that to my face!

    Exactly one week after I found the first scorpion, and had it sting itself, my wife found another scorpion in the house.  This time the little beast was running around the bathroom floor.  I cheered "More science!" and ran to the bathroom with my specimen jar (a blue coffee glass).
    This scorpion was different.  He was one pissed off little prick!  His claws spread out menacingly and his tail stayed in the go ahead, punk, make my day position.  He definitely needed to relax.  Alcohol makes me relax.  Maybe I should do him a favor?

There's no legal drinking age for scorpions...
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