(Make A Scorpion Kill Itself)

Step Five:  Mustard Treatment

Plop... plop...

Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  I missed it!  I think the beers were a factor in my inability to hit the scorpion with mustard drops from two inches away.  It did manage to sort of get it's legs in the yellow goop.  It didn't like that too much.  For the first time during this experiment the scorpion swung it's tail forward.  I thought it would sting itself.  It took several jabs in the air but eventually calmed down.

Alas, the Jim Beam mustard was a failure.  I needed to get back to the blessed alcohol.  But first, the mustard had to be removed.  I was left with a quandary...

How do you clean a pissed off scorpion?