(Make A Scorpion Kill Itself)

Step Two:  Scientific measurement.

Scientific measurements...
I figured that I had to give a certain size perspective for the photos.  The scorpion was not large by any means.  I stuck a ruler under the glass to show how big it was.  I'm not sure how to measure a scorpion's size.  Do I just measure the body?  Where does the body end and the tail begin?  Do I measure the distance from the tips of the claws to the end of the stretched out tail?  Why do beers make me ask so many questions?

Again, I apologize for the photo quality.  I normally shoot stuff on my in-law's video camera and convert the video to digital stills, but I sort of lost their camera!!!  This has me scouring Ebay for a suitable replacement.  It's a pretty interesting story, but it's totally non-scorpion related so I'll shut up now and have another beer.  Thank God for spell checking.

I say the scorpion is 1 1/4" long.

Let's intoxicate the bastard...