(Make A Scorpion Kill Itself)

To better understand the project I thought I had better give some history.  It seems like the scientific thing to do.  I think those square blocks of paper they gave me in school had pre.. uh... pre-stuff in the first few pages.

The Creepy Coincidence...
On Saturday I watched a TV show about dangerous bugs.  They highlighted black widows, mosquitoes, and of course scorpions.  Now, I recently moved from Los Angeles to a small town in Kentucky.  I may work as a computer technician, but I do live out in the country.  The people out here (especially the in-laws) love telling me about the scorpions they've found in their house.  I guess giving the city-boy a fright is the next best thing to college basketball.

Critter, not Crudder...he's the stinkyfeet guyThat night as I hobbled to bed in the dark I stopped dead in my tracks.  I thought, there's a scorpion on the ground.  What if I step on it?  I took a few steps back, but after a few seconds I laughed at my TV-induced paranoia and walked back to bed.

On Sunday night my wife called me into the bedroom.  There was a scorpion on the floor, in the exact spot (give or take twelve inches) that I had stopped the night before.  If I stop on my way to bed because I think there's nuclear war outside I'll let you all know so you can start looting early.

I caught the critter (Kentucky-talk) in a glass.  It had to die.  But but first, science!  I was going to science that mo'fo to death.  Bwa ha ha ha!  (My evil scientific laugh)

Let the science begin!